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Full range of Garage & Repair Services for Cars and Commercial vehicles

°  Regular Servicing º  Car Parts and Accessories
º  MOT's including Pre MOT checks         º  Electrical, diagnosis & repair
º  Brakes & Braking systems º  Transmissions - Manual & Auto
º  Cooling systems º  Air Conditioning
º  Engine repair and replacement º  All mechanical work


                                Tips to help you reduce running costs.

 1) Make sure you get your vehicle serviced regularly. A well maintained vehicle will give you better performance and will be more economical on fuel.
2) Be easy with the accelerator pedal. Try and maintain a constant speed - fast acceleration and sharp braking increases tyre wear and mechanical parts failure.
3) Make sure you engine oil is both topped up to the required level as shown on the dip stick, and changed regularly (as shown in your service handbook). Old oil thickens and can cause extra strain on the engine, particularly on cold morning starts.
4) Check your tyre pressures regularly and ensure they are kept at the recommended pressure (See your vehicle handbook). Tyres which are under-inflated will increase your fuel consumption (perhaps as much as 10%).
5) Always make sure your battery is fully charged. A regularly discharged battery will need replacing before the end of its expected life.
6) A slipping fan belt can deteriorate quickly and cause wear to your vehicles water pump and alternator.  Check the tension is in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation - see your handbook 
7) If you detect a problem - get it fixed as soon as you can.  It surprising how many small mechanical problems quickly become larger ones, and hence more expensive to fix/repair. 
8) Boring, but necessary.  Check your radiator level regularly - at least every fortnight.  When the levels need to be topped up, ocassionaly use anti-freeze coolant, as this will help prevent corrosion.
9) If you car has air conditioning make sure you turn it on regularly in the winter.  This will not only help demist the windows on a winters morning, but it will help prevent the seals from drying out and needing replacement
10) By keeping your engine clean, you will make servicing easier and reduce the risk of grease and grime build-up hampering cables and other moving parts.  

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